El Steevo

Hello, I'm Steve, the Mega Awesome Scrum Master you are looking for!

A Scrum Master for two years, a web developer for about seven years prior to that, one might argue that I'm no stranger in the IT and development landscape. My passion for development came at an early age when I aspired to be a Nintendo developer, because why wouldn't you as a child gamer?

Failure isn't fatal, but failure to change is

We live in an ever changing market. Projects come and go, technologies improve, clients differ, and expectations can change on the fly. I’m not afraid to try, even with the chance of failure. If it does fail, I embrace it and learn from it so we can improve the application for the next time.

I’m a big fan of agile development, so we can change as fast as the market expects us to. Do backlog refinements, play a game of planning poker, rely upon and invest in continuous integration and deployment, so we can make sure the sprints are as optimal as possible. Of course it is required to know when to sprint or do a marathon, but you always need to be prepared to go for either one!

I do think software development is a rudimentary and under appreciated art form, because there are many ways to make an application work. But finally, the beauty of an application is not in how it's made, how it's sold, how it's marketed, but how it's used by the users. If users feel the application takes them serious, treats them like genuine people and gives them the information how they like it your application has served its purpose.

There is one I in Justice League

I work just as well alone as I do in a team. In a development team I can be your Superman, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, or the Flash, depending on the need in the team. Yes, I can even be Aquaman, King of Atlantis, when the situation requires him. There is no I in team, but sometimes you need to be able to do stuff alone, so I can even be your Batman, the loner who gets things done that no one else wants to do or can.

Agile development has been an eye opener for me. After some years of struggling to combine project management and web development seriously everything fell into place when we tried Scrum. Scrum simply puts the responsibilities and mandates where they should be and everyone can accomplish their goals as long as everyone communicates.

From my point of view Scrum is a tool to facilitate everyone to communicate on several occasions and improve working together to create a better understanding towards each other and thus make a better product. My role as Scrum Master is bring the team closer together and make them excel in what they do best.